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DIRECTV’s Choice vs DISH’s Top 120

Last updated on April 20th, 2015 by George Levint

Continuing our series of head-to-head plan battles, this time we’ll compare a couple of the more popular packages out there: DIRECTV’s Choice and DISH’s Top 120. Even though they’re the second smallest plans from each provider, one thing’s for sure: neither skimped on channels and, as a result, subscribers flock to them year in, year out. If you’re watching your budget but still want plenty of options, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you looking for in this comparison. The table below stacks up the most important categories and features, with a clear winner for each (if it’s too close to call, we’ll declare it a “draw”).

Quick conclusion: The Choice plan provides THE most value per price of any DIRECTV package (@ $34.99/mo). At $10/mo less ($24.99), Top 120 includes about 25 less channels so if cost is your top priority, it probably makes the most sense.

Note: visit the plan’s page for more details (linked in the header below).

Promo (yr 1): $34.99/mo
Promo (yr 2): $58.99/mo
Regular (yr 3+): $63.99/mo
Promo (yr 1): $24.99/mo
Regular (yr 2+): $44.99/mo

✓ Advantage
Number of Channels
Primary channels: ~124
Music/misc: 26
Total: 150

✓ Advantage
Primary channels: ~98
Music/misc: 22
Total: 120
High Definition
Full-time HD channels: 48+
Promo: Free HD for life

– draw –
Full-time HD channels: 43+
Promo: Free HD for life

– draw –
Movie channels included in package (no extra charge)
16 channels: AMC, IFC, GALA, TNT, Hallmark, REELZ, Turner Classic Movies, etc.

✓ Advantage
3 channels: AMC, IFC, REELZ
Premium movies
Free for 3 months: HBO, Showtime, STARZ and Cinemax

– draw –
Free for 3 months: HBO, Showtime, STARZ and Cinemax

– draw –
Required contract length to qualify for specials
24 months

– draw –
24 months

– draw –
Best Exclusive Offer
Free Genie DVR (whole-home system); $10/mo DVR fee applies

– draw –
Free Hopper DVR (whole-home system); $10/mo DVR fee applies

– draw –
Total Potential Savings

✓ Advantage

Specs/rates last updated: 11/5/14

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