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DISH Rebate

Last updated on March 16th, 2023 by George Levint

When you sign up as a new or returning DISH Network customer you’ll qualify for a DISH Network rebate. Rebates offered by DISH are usually in the form of a gift card, electronic device or credit on your bill. Thanks to big competition between DISH Network, DIRECTV and other providers, promotions are a big part of the sign-up discount. So, make sure you shop around to get the best special available.

Promotions vary throughout the year, as do the value of rebates short and long-term. Some of the cash rebates offered to new or returning customers are based on:

  • Length of commitment you sign up for
  • Type of package you sign up for
  • Type of payment option you sign up for
  • Type of protection plan signed up for
  • How many receivers you order

Most of the rebate value goes to new customers but current subscribers can sometimes request to qualify as well, especially if you just recently signed up. Be sure to call up customer service to check if you still qualify.

What exactly is the difference between a DISH rebate and promotion?

DISH Visa Gift Card RebateFor the most part, their rebates include an incentive or discount you get after sign-up. A typical example is a $100 or $200 gift card offered to new customers willing to switch to DISH (a common offer via snail mail, especially right after a move). Usually a few weeks after installation, you’ll receive an email prompting you to start the gift card redemption process. Fill out the form and you’ll get the card a few weeks later. DISH (and all big companies) know most folks forget or miss the email to get the card. So, make a note or set yourself a reminder!

DISH’s promotions are fixed discounts or credits applied to your bill. This is especially common when you sign up for a base package at a reduced rate over a specific time period. All of DISH’s plans are price-locked for 3 years so that discount is usually applied monthly over the length of your 2-year contract. Some of their promos also extend into year 4 and beyond.

Other common DISH specials include free installation, programming, etc.

DISH’s tech, programming and service value

Though you won’t see a tangible discount when DISH adds new programming, upgrades their Hopper, improves customer service or gives you value-added features, they still matter for most folks. Here’s a quick overview…

DISH Voice Remote RebateWith regard to DISH’s Hopper DVR, it really doesn’t get much better. You’ll get an industry-leading 2 TB hard drive and an impressive 16 tuners (can watch and record on every TV in your home). Whether you get the Hopper Duo (2 TVs or less) or Hopper 3, you’ll usually need a smaller DISH Joey device on your 2nd and additional TVs. A free Joey is sometimes packaged as part of a DISH Network rebate.

To control your DVR, a voice remote is usually included for free as well. Check with your customer service rep (if on the phone) or live chat online to make sure it’s included. After you place an order, it’s quite a bit harder to get free perks retroactively added.

With respect to customer service, DISH Network consistently boasts the highest customer satisfaction rates of all cable and satellite companies. Those scores are closely vetted every year by JD Power & Associates (customer surveys, etc). Real-world, we typically experience a high level of satisfaction when we call up DISH’s call centers. Available 24 hours a day, they can guide you through account issues, pay-per-view, changing plans, etc. After hours, they do typically farm out the calls overseas but it’s still better than waiting for the next day to call.

Value-added programming

When it comes to programming, DISH essentially covers all the channels you’ll get with cable or DIRECTV (minus the NFL Sunday Ticket you get with DIRECTV). If sports are big on your list, definitely consider DIRECTV. Otherwise, you’ll find most favorites are wrapped into their base plans.

If you’re not sure which DISH network package you’d like, we typically recommend you go with the lower-priced option first. If needed, upgrading is quick and easy. Each plan specializes in a specific combo and theme of movie, news, sports and family programming. If you have questions, call 1-833-815-1181 or go online to see which DISH Network rebates or promotions are available when you sign up for new or upgraded service.

Regardless of your interests, most of our visitors tend to be quite happy with DISH during their first two years… and beyond. Toss in a value-packed DISH rebate and you’ll be a happy camper for the duration of your contract. Just make sure you speak with an agent or do heavy research online to get the best savings possible.

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  1. randy p says:

    Im a veteran and tried signing up with the military discount but it didn’t work. What can i do?

    • George Levint says:

      First off, thank you for your service. Regarding the discount, if you signed up online there’s sometimes a step to upload your ID. If not, call up DISH customer service (855-349-1340) and they’ll get it added to your account. If you still have problems, feel free to post here or send me a private message.

  2. john marucheau says:


    • George Levint says:

      Hi John,

      With a reward card, you’ll typically receive an email with a link to fill out the redemption form (check your spam folder). If not, try calling up DISH’s reward center: 877-682-1215. They can resend the email or figure out the problem. After you submit the form, track processing and delivery status at MyDISHRewards.com. Good luck!

  3. linda ROWE says:

    i never received an email for the gift card either

  4. Johnny G. Dearing says:

    Would you please send a email with link to apply for the reward.
    Thank You Johnny G. Dearing

  5. bill dockery says:

    I ordered Dish service and in Dec. and got it installed on Dec.26. was promised a $100 gift card when I signed up and would get an e-mail within a few weeks with insructions on how to get it.Never came. I called several times to Cheryl at 855-765-1618 and was told to go to satteliterebates.com. There was nothing there to help me unless I had a code number. Called the Dish rebate center and the fellow told me that Dish had not pvovided any info to them thatI was a new customer. Sounds like a scam to me. I guess I will do my two year time with them but after that it’s BYS BYE BYE. In the meantime I will be sure to spread the word wherever I can about the crapy customer service you get AFTER you sign up with them.

    • George Levint says:

      Keep trying. I’ve never seen a new customer not get a reward card they were promised. Call up the reward center or main dish number and ask to speak to a manager. Tell them to check the recording of your original call, if need be.

  6. Desirae Walker says:

    Hi George,

    Would you please send an email with link to apply for the rebate card?

  7. Marilyn McCoy says:

    I have been trying to get my rebate for almost 60 days. Every time I go into sattelitetvrebates and enter my account it says the account number doesn’t exist. I called customer service and they verified I have the correct account number. Is this just Dish’s was to get out of using the gift card. If they don’t hold uo their end of the deal, why should the customer need too. We should be able to end the contract anytime without penalties.

    • George Levint says:

      Hi Marilyn,

      Are you trying via MyDISHRewards.com? If they don’t recognize your account and/or to expedite the process, try calling DISH’s reward center line (different than the regular customer service line): 877-682-1215.

      Hope that helps.

  8. Peter Rothwell says:

    When we signed up for Dish we were told we get at rebate. Have not received any form for the rebate. Please email it to me at the above email.

  9. Rick Maritt says:

    We signed up and they connected us on the 19th. Promised a $200.00 Visa. No link anywhere to fill out the form and no email about it.

  10. My husband and I like everyone else I see in comments were promised a $200 rebate card if we would do this that or the other. We did and still cannot find anywhere to apply. I am so sick of getting screwed. Can someone please send me a link or a real site to get our rebate

  11. Stephanie Jones says:


  12. Tera Denson says:

    I have a new commitment with Dish,please send an email link for $300.00 rebate.
    Thank you,

  13. Bonnie McCormick says:

    I received my $500 rebate debit card. I have used it once with no problems. Recently I attempted to use it and was told that I needed a PIN number. It was probably on the attached letter when I received my debit card, but I did not write it down. Can you help me. I would appreciate a personal reply asap.

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