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Welcome to Digital Find! For over 10 years, we've been a leading source of independent reviews for satellite TV, streaming, internet and various other home services. Our guides and rankings are always customer-centric -- that is, we evaluate services and providers just as we'd do at home. Balance cost and value to find the very best product for the price. It may not always be the most popular choice but always the best fit for the need. Inside, you'll find our recommendations for the average home, with comments for smaller or larger households. Adjust as needed. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

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  • Satellite TV

    Which is better: DIRECT TV or DISH?

    When it’s time to compare Direct TV vs DISH Network there are a few important factors to consider. To get you started, check out our comparison tables in the “COMPARE DIRECT vs DISH” . If you’ve already reviewed both services, we’ve ranked the latest specials in the table below.

    What’s so great about Satellite TV?

    Simply put, compared to traditional TV the cost of satellite is nearly 50% less and you get at least 30% more channels. If you’re a movie or sports buff, there’s flat out no competition. For most, the decision between DIRECTV or DISH TV comes down to the bottom-line price for your must-have features and programming… and that’s where we can help out.

    As an industry insider, we’ve helped match folks to providers for over 12 years and with our exclusive partnerships with top retailers, we’re also able to bring you the best deals available, anywhere. We’re constantly updating the site with the top-ranked promos so check back often. Enjoy your new satellite TV!

    Price/mo (chnls)
    2023 Review
    1 DISH's Price Lock DealDish price lock dealLearn More » $59.99 (190+) Free Hopper 3 DVR System; Free HD For Life; 12 Free Pay-Per-View Movies
    Valued at well over $1,250, this is DISH Network’s best deal in over 7 years
    2-yr Price Lock Review
    2 DIRECTV’s Best Deal EVERBest DTV deal everLearn More » $50 (145+) Free GENIE DVR SYSTEM & Free HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and STARZ for 3 months.
    Save over $1100
    – Recommended!
    Direct TV’s best deal since July, 2005
    Best Deal EVER Review
    3 Family ProgrammingDIRECTV's family programmingLearn More » $55 (150+) A solid starter package, particularly if you’re not looking for a ton of movie or sports channels. Family Plan Review

    Not sure which to choose?
    Selecting a new satellite TV provider is sometimes easier said than done. For starters, make sure you consult everyone involved (family, friends living with you, etc). In general, if you have plenty of NFL or NASCAR fans around, you can’t go wrong with DIRECTV. If you’re trying to minimize your costs (and leaving cable), the lowest priced plans can be found with DISH Network. Finally, check out the latest articles , they’ll give you a closer look at each service and help you decide. Our independent satellite TV guide is intended to address the most common questions before you commit to a contract of any kind.

    Recent Posts

    If you’re in the market for satellite TV, chances are you’ve run across the new 2-year price lock options from both DIRECTV and DISH. As with most home utilities, the devil’s in the details so in this article we’ll be reviewing the 2-year plans for the most popular packages and the […]


    If you’ve been TV shopping lately, you probably noticed 4K is all the rage in television tech. But what exactly is it? Well, also known as 4K Ultra and Ultra HD, 4K is the latest and greatest in consumer TV resolution, with roughly 4 times the clarity of 1090p. That is, while 1090p has 1090 horizontal rows […]

    Update (3/24/23) – DISH’s site and apparently most of their systems are back up. Expect full details of the incident in the coming weeks. What happened to DISH? Did it get hacked? Those are common questions these days after DISH’s website, support and most of their internal systems went down on Feb 23rd, 2023. In […]

    Chances are you’ve seen the new commercials or heard about AT&T selling a minority stake in DIRECTV — either way, after a few years of relative obscurity under AT&T, DIRECTV and its iconic brand are making a comeback. Things will remain in flux until there’s an eventual majority buyer but for now let’s quickly recap […]

    In mid 2020, we reported that DISH had purchased Boost Wireless and agreed to pay to use T-mobile’s wireless network thru 2027. In an effort to extend their reach as they build out their own 5G network, DISH recently signed with AT&T to use their network for four additional years, so through 2031. T-mobile shutting […]

    Continuing our profile of the different channel add-ons available on DISH (see Heartland for the previous), the Multi-Sport Pack gives you a whopping 29 channels for $13/mo. Some of these may already be included in your core plan, so this add-on is best geared towards folks with America’s Top 120 and below or sports lovers […]

    Most Popular Plan
    A smart mix of channel options and competitive pricing, America's Top 120 has been DISH's most popular package for 5+ years. If you're a new customer, it's a safe starter plan. With over 220 channels and a nearly perfect mix of movies, sports and docudrama, the XTRA plan is almost always at the top of this list. Cable refugees should check there first.
    Best App/Gadget
    A fairly new addition to DISH's suite of add-on equipment, the HopperGo Drive allows you to view your DVR playlist from anywhere in the world, no internet needed. Even better, up to 5 devices can watch 5 different shows. DIRECTV's Apple and Android app is an award-winning leader in mobile TV management. It intuitively lets you to watch, record and manage your DVR playlist from any place with an internet connection. Learn more
    The Latest...
    DISH recently announced an upgrade to its premium movie promo. You'll now get HBO free for an entire year (plus Showtime, STARZ and Cinemax for 3 months). The latest service to enter the growing streaming TV space, DIRECTV Now lets you watch live programs via the internet (no NFL Sunday Ticket and other limitations, however).
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