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Get the most out of your Pay-Per-View Service

Last updated on April 20th, 2015 by George Levint

Gotta catch that hot movie or UFC match? Well, if it’s in high demand, chances are you’ll need to get it through pay-per-view. PPV has dramatically evolved over the years, both in technology and scope of coverage. These days, it’s incredibly easy to find just about any special event…from every corner of the world. In fact, if there’s such a thing as TOO many options, we could be close to critical mass.

When it comes to the top 2 providers (DIRECTV and DISH), they have slightly different ways to let you access and use their pay-per-view services. From your TV’s program guide to exclusive online or mobile access, you’re definitely no longer confined by location. In fact, in the near future, you’ll probably be able to access your entire PPV menu during a flight! (most of the infrastructure/satellites already exists, just a matter of changing FAA regulations).

In the table below, we compare some of the key features of each of the current PPV services (note: depending on the receiver/plan, some of the details may be slightly different).

PPV Feature
Order via Remote
(Program Guide)
Channels: 117-199 (HD)

» Before you order, make sure you confirm the channel/time.
» Internet or phone line required.

Channels: 523-558 (HD)

» After purchase, you can watch all PPV programs until 5AM the next morning.
» Internet or phone line required.

Order Online
Visit: Directv.com/guide

» Before you start browsing, make sure you’re logged in to your primary account to get current pricing (and qualify for rebates, etc.).

Visit: MyDish.com/orderppv

» If not already, create an online ID (different from your original account). Shows are sorted by category, time, type, etc.

Order by Phone
Call: 800-531-5000

» Save time by having the program name and/or channel in hand; order via an operator (recommended) or the automated system.

Call: 877-347-4778

» From beginning to end, a DISH PPV phone order generally takes about 3 minutes (and activated almost instantly).

Event Prices
Movies: $4.99-$5.99
UFC: $45 (SD), $55 (HD)
Boxing (average): $49.99

Movies: $4.99-$6.99
UFC: $45 (SD), $55 (HD)
Boxing (average): $49.99
Misc. Features
Text ordering
The absolute quickest way to order is via text. Simply text “Order” to 223322 and you’ll be prompted for the event and walked through the process. In and out in less than a minute.
Limited Recording:
Some limited release (high demand) movies may get tagged as “limited recording”; ie, you’ll generally have a small window (usually 24 hrs) to watch the movie.
With the largest selection of PPV events on the planet, it’s tough to find fault with DIRECTV’s PPV service. In over 15 years, I’ve never missed out on an event because of a glitch or an availability issue.
As with most interactive features, DISH does a solid job of keeping stride with DIRECTV. Personally, I think DISH’s PPV guide (remote and online) is a bit less intuitive than DIRECTV’s; otherwise, there’s very little difference.
Total ValueScore
(relative, aggregate score of PPV service)

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