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It’s Showtime with the New & Improved DISH Movie Pack

Published on April 20th, 2016 by George Levint

If you really dig your movies and have some flexibility in your TV budget, DISH’s new Movie Pack might just be a great fit. Previously known as “Blockbuster @Home” (back when DISH bought out Blockbuster), this add-on pack gives you a healthy mix of premium movie channels… and plenty of convenient ways to watch ’em. From the Epix suite of channels to Starz and Encore, read on for everything you’ll get for the $10/mo price tag…

Channel List

First things first, here’s a quick rundown of the 15+ channels in the DISH Movie Pack:
Centric – previously the BET on Jazz, this channel re-branded in 2014 as The First Network Designed for Black Women
Crime & Investigation – if you dig crime shows (24, SWAT, The First 48, etc.), you’ll definitely enjoy this channel
Encore Suspense – previously called Encore Mystery, this channel gives you non-stop mystery, detective and edge-of-your-seat action
Epix, Epix 2, Epix 3 – the younger cousin of the other premier movie networks (HBO, Showtime, etc), the entire Epix suite, along with its access to a ton of blockbusters, is probably the biggest draw in the DISH Movie Pack
Fashion HD – hailing from Paris, France (the de facto fashion capitol of the world, right?), this channel gives you unlimited access to models, runways and fashion-related news
FOX Movie Channel – offers a trendy mix of popular flicks and, more recently, weekly original programming (eg, Fargo, etc).
Hallmark Movie Channel – as the brand name implies (from the folks that bring you Hallmark holiday cards), you’ll get plenty of family-oriented, G or PG-rated movies.
HDNet Movies – features plenty of 3+ year old indies and blockbuster movies
Indieplex – owned by STARZ, this channel showcases under-appreciated independent moves 24/7
Logo TV – previously tailored to LGBT programming, Logo recently shifted to more mainstream programming, including plenty of reality-type shows
MGM HD – this channel gives you direct access to MGM’s huge suite of movies and programming (most are delivered in their original, uncut format)
And here’s the rest of the list…
Movieplex, Palladia, PixkL, Retroplex, Sony Movie Channel, Starz Cinema, Universal,
Velocity and WFN

How/Where to Watch

Basically, there are 3 simple ways to catch DISH Movie Pack:
1) Regular TV: Tune into the corresponding channels via your program guide
2) On Demand: Visit DISH’s On Demand section and fire up those shows whenever you want to watch ’em.
3) Anywhere with an internet connection: open the DISH Anywhere app on your mobile device and stream any of the channels above. This is probably my favorite feature/upside of the DISH Movie Pack.

So, What’s New?

Previously known and Blockbuster @Home, this new version gives you access to more channels, better DISH Anywhere integration and in general, much more seamless access via the on-screen program guide.

What’s it Cost and is it Right For Me?

You can usually try out the DISH Movie Pack free for 3 months during your promotional period (just be sure to ask your sales representative for it). Thereafter or if you’re already a DISH subscriber, it’ll run you $10/mo. Is it worth it? Well, like most things TV-related, it all depends on how much you’ll be able to enjoy it. Content-wise, it’s well worth the price tag, just be sure you’ll be able catch at least a few movies a month. If your schedule changes and/or you no longer want it, cancelling is as easy as calling up DISH and immediately removing it from your account. When I had DISH, I always added-on DISH Movie Pack so I’m a bit biased… but if you’re a big movie buff, especially of the indie, non-blockbuster variety, it’s well worth a month or two as a trial. Enjoy!

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