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DISH America’s Everything Pack: Options Unlimited

Last updated on April 25th, 2023 by George Levint
320 channels| $164.99/mo

America’s Everything is DISH’s largest package and includes every channel available, without exception. At $164.99 per month, it’s not cheap but you’ll never be lacking for entertainment (it includes a ton of movies, sports, regional programming and more). The most frequent “complaint” from subscribers tends to be how to manage all those channels. A growing number have upgraded to the new whole-home DISH Hopper system which automatically records network shows and lets you skip commercials with one press of a button. If you end up choosing the America’s Everything Pak, consider giving Hopper a try as well (as of this writing, it’s free for new customers).


  • Over 320 of the highest-rated channels, including 31 more movie channels than America’s Top 250
  • Free SHOWTIME & STARZ for 3 months
  • Complete 6-room install
  • Free Hopper 3 Whole-home DVR
  • Free DISH Movie Pack for 3 months (EPIX, Universal Movies, etc.)
  • Free Local Channels
  • Free HD for Life
  • Pure satisfaction of knowing you can watch ANY program, whenever 🙂

Ideal for

Individuals or households that put a premium on entertainment and don’t want to settle. If you find the Top 250 plan just doesn’t have enough movies, this is the plan you’ll graduate to. Even at the larger price tag, surprisingly, this is one of DISH Network’s more popular plans simply because there’s so much variety, especially compared to cable.


$164.99/mo (locked in for up to 3 years with a 2 year contract)

Final Thoughts

When it comes to entertainment, everyone strikes a balance between need, want and cost. If your household spends a lot of quality time at home and it seems everyone has their own programming tastes, America’s Everything may be just what it takes to please everyone. Paying around $160/mo for TV programming isn’t in everyone’s budget, but if you spend at least the same amount of time watching TV as you do on your smart phone (which runs most power users upwards of $100/mo), take the time to weigh their pros and cons. Of note, if you watch movies or TV programs on your mobile device, you’re likely to find them covered in this package for free, allowing you to cancel services as Netflix, Hulu, etc. In the end, you can always try out this package for a month or two (preferably during a promo period) and figure out if it’s worth the price tag.

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Every DISH plan includes:

2-Year Price Guarantee
Smart DVR (Hopper or Duo)
Free DISH voice remote w/ Google Assistant
80,000 on demand movies and shows
Over 70 free SiriusXM music channels
Full professional installation (soon as tomorrow)

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