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Rundown of DIRECTVs Channel Lineup and their Most Popular Channels

Last updated on July 14th, 2022 by George Levint

One of the biggest reasons people go with a provider (or programming plan) is access to their favorite channels. In this article, we’ll quickly break down the channels found in DIRECTV’s most popular packages…and most importantly, which ones are NEW to each of the bigger plans so you can decide whether the extra investment is worth it.

Note: to save space, we only featured the top channels below – if you’d like to view a side-by-side of ALL the channels found in each package, click here. For more on each plan (pricing, features, etc.), click its header link below.

One of the most-watched channels on TV, they’ve grown due to their highly informative and relatable programming (albeit mostly reality). Top Shows: Moonshiners, Gold Rush, Deadliest Catch
Arts & Entertainment (A&E)
Similar to Discovery, A&E has evolved into a reality show powerhouse (gone are the documentaries, biographies, etc). Top Shows: The First 48, Storage Wars, Intervention
Animal Planet
If you love your furry companions (or their wild counterparts), Animal Planet has to be on your DIRECTV favorites list. Top Shows: Whale Wares, Fatal Attractions, Tanked
If you’re a sports junky (or just a weekend fan), nothing beats around-the-clock sports news. Top Shows: Sportscenter (6-7 times a day), Around the Horn (repeats)
Independent Film Channel
IFC picks up where the cookie-cutter Hollywood blockbusters and mainstream flix grind to a halt. They recently launched a few original series as well. Top Shows: Portlandia, The Grid, Indy Spirit Awards
Everyone knows the top cable news channels are unabashedly biased. PBS tows the center line, showcasing news, not the drama. Top Shows: Frontline, PBS Newshour, Nova
Biography (BIO)
If you’re a fan of history and documentaries, BIO won’t disappoint. Most of its lineup is currently made up of (classic) repeats. Top Shows: My Ghost Story, Alien Encounters, I Survived
DIY Network
The stepchild of the original Home & Garden channel, DIY is to blame great for inspiring that next weekend project. Top Shows: Kitchen Crashers, The Vanilla Ice Project (ha!), I Hate My Kitchen
Military Channel
No one brings you more unprecedented access to the strategy and battlefield tactics of warfare, domestic or foreign. Top Shows: Top Ten, Top Sniper, Clash of Wings
When you want to get scared out of your gourd, Chiller’s a slashin’ good time. Dude, don’t head into the forest..c’mon, again?!! Top Shows: Dead Like Me, Beyond Belief, Twilight Zone (newer version)
Encore (8 channels)
Recently, Encore has really expanded its lineup, all sorted by theme (Encore Drama, Suspense, Action, etc). It’s now a free part of the Ultimate Plan. Top Shows: Moby Dick, The Take
Golf Channel
Fore!! Whether you’re a golfer (or aspiring hack), the Golf Channel features extended tourney coverage, swing tips, news and a ton more. Top Shows: Golf Central, Feherty, Morning Drive
HBO (9 channels)
The most sought-after premium movie network, HBO is THE leader in both original programming and just-released movies. Top Shows: Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Real Time with Bill Maher
The Movie Channel (2 channels)
Just as with HBO, the Movie Channel (TMC) is included free with the Premier Plan (no extra monthly charge). Plenty of blockbusters and movie-themed marathons. Top Show: Splatterday (block of horror movies)
Another premium movie channel in this package, FliX brings you a ton of classic movies, primarily from the 70s-90s. If you dig re-watching the Breakfast Club and other classics from your childhood, you’ll love FliX :).

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